Secrid Miniwallet Art Flowers

  • Secrid Miniwallet Art Flowers

Secrid Miniwallet Art Flowers


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You work hard for your money, but protecting it shouldn’t be hard work.

Get in on our little Secrid with this trendy and functional mini wallet. Secrid Wallets protect against hackers with RFID protection and hold 6 flat cards or 5 cards; with thick letters, banknotes, or business cards.


- Solid aluminum

- European leather

- 68 x 102 x 16 mm

- 3 year warranty

Still life with flowers

Secrid has created a collection of wallets inspired by Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Still lives of flowers were a popular subject in the Golden Age of Dutch art and Jacob Vosmaer is regarded as a preeminent painter of the genre. Vosmaer’s masterpiece can be found in the Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honour. The richness of colour in Vosmaer’s comp

Details and finishing

Wallets have a lot to endure. Therefore, Secrid always test every new items and develop on quality and durability. After elaborate testing Secrid can confirm that the print retains its appeal and does not bleed colour during use.

Supple Italian calf leather serves as the base for the Art collection. The art works have been printed on the leather in exquisite detail. Showing the smallest details such as the cracks in the paint. An engraving on the inside of the wallet tells of the paintings and in which museum it can be found.