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Blue Q

Sarcastic Socks


Style is Essential ; Choice is Personal


Blue Q Socks are sarcastic, colorful and a little twisted. Woven with luxurious combed cotton, 1% of sales supports the humanitarian work of doctors without borders. 

Men's shoe size 7-12

Busy Making A Fucking Difference: The quintessential triumvirate: bold colors, geometric shapes, and altruism. 58% combed cotton; 39% nylon; 3% spandex.  

I Fucking Love It Out Here: If a man in a forest shouts, "I fucking love it out here!" and no one hears it, does he make a sound? Answer: No, and that's how he likes it. 57% combed cotton; 41% nylon; 2% spandex. 

Sunday: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose! Also: sweat pants, warm feet, can't lose! Also: great gift, he'll owe you one, can't lose. 57% combed cotton; 40% nylon; 3% spandex.

Selective Hearing: The only thing that sets you and me apart is that you're better at not listening. 65% combed cotton; 32% nylon; 3% spandex.

Worst Gift Ever: Socks: they're just like us. They laugh, they cry and sometimes they sit on a stairway to nowhere, moping about how no one loves them. Don't just stand there, someone hand this sock a stiff cocktail! 50% nylon; 47% combed cotton; 3% spandex.

Get a Load Of These Whiskers: Money can't buy beards, but it sure as hell can buy a pair of socks! Men's shoe size 7-12. 54% combed cotton; 44% nylon; 2% spandex.

My Head Says Who Cares: When you realize it's time to give up, you want to start giving up as soon as possible. This sock offers a little emotional support along the way. 55% combed cotton; 43% nylon; 2% spandex.

BBQ: The Blue Q BBQ Sock Wearing Man is a master of his char-grilled domain. He doesn't need any fancy cage-like accessories or novelty aprons! All he needs is a big-ass pointy fork and some well-supported feet. You can help him with that, can't you? 59% combed cotton; 38% nylon; 3% spandex.

Hark! To The Microbrewery, At Once!: Run, don't walk! Chariot, don't rickshaw! But maybe get a cab home, ok? And text me when you get there. 54% combed cotton; 43% nylon; 3% spandex.