Kyoto Ring Pewter Black

  • Kyoto Ring Pewter Black

Kyoto Ring Pewter Black


Style is Essential ; Choice is Personal


Unleash your creativity with this colorful ring, a must-have for the season. A mix of a lazuli blue glass bead, inspired by the hues of autumn, and a 22K shiny gold plated pewter circle, which pairs beautifully with your favorite ring and bracelet designs. A new and attractive way to bring color to life in the collection. Unique combos, giving birth to inspiring stories for this Fall-Winter 2022 season.

Made of pewter, a malleable metal, Anne-Marie Chagnon rings are adjustable from size 6 to 9 allowing anyone to wear them comfortably. However, it is important to enjoy this asset in moderation. Like other metals, pewter can fracture if the ring is repeatedly opened and closed.


    1.2 CM (0.5"), 1.2 CM (0.5")
    0.8 CM (0.3")
    1.2 CM (0.5")