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About Us®, Boomer+ Edition is about Canada's Baby Boomers PLUS their peers a few years older. Through our research partner, we conducted an online survey of this demographic group and asked oodles of questions on a variety of topics, covering many aspects of their lives. Their answers? Youll have to play the game to find out!

What % of the Boomer+ population has gone skinny dipping?
Which Boomer+ age group is most likely to have been hypnotized?
Which Boomer+ gender is more likely to have a tattoo?
There are 180 questions and answers in this tabletop game! Feeling confident?

How to Play

About Us®, Boomer+ Edition is a fun and interactive card-based game thats perfect for any adult get-together. Its so easy to play, too! Provide a correct answer to the question that is asked and select a points card. The first player to collect 100 points (exactly) wins the game! Oh, yesThere are a few Wild Cards and Bonus Cards just to make it a bit more interesting!

Although best played by two to seven players, the game can easily be adapted for larger groups through team play.

The best part? Due to its compact size, About Us®, Boomer+ Edition can be played almost anywhere!

If youre looking for a new, stimulating and fun-filled way to spend time with adult family and friends, try About Us®, Boomer+ Edition. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself, each other and the Canadian population born between 1934 and 1964!